Friday, July 24, 2009


What a hectic month! We've been pretty busy here but it hasn't stopped the coin findings! While we haven't found ANY dollar bills in the past month, we have encountered a few rarities (a silver Franklin half dollar in the street while on a morning run), and some other nice coins i've yet to account for. Hopefully later on today I'll get a chance to count all the coins and update the totals accordingly.
I've decided to update the finds on the changepot twitter- please feel free to follow us through there :)

Be safe and enjoy!

The Humphery family

Thursday, July 02, 2009


In the past week, we've found a total of $1.22 in the form of a quarter, three dimes, four nickels, and forty seven pennies. Pennies have been the choice find lately especially after the petit rain showers that have plagued our area in the past few days. This weekend we'll be combing the Jersey shore for some fun, fireworks, and loose coins :) Our changepot is starting to get a little heavy with all the penny finds lately!

Total in the past week: $1.22
Total thus far: $116.06