Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back to the past...

Today we decided to pass by our old neighborhood to reminisce. We chose this area to take a nice brisk afternoon walk. The extra pairs of eyes proved quite useful as we happened to find several things:

Various (empty) nickel and dime bags. Pity-- there goes the neighborhood.

Various scratch off cards with no winnings or redemption value if not a winner (there is one that gives you back your initial bet-- people just don't like cashing that in for some reason.

Mangled clothes and an impressive collection of bottle caps, broken glass, and a half used roll of toilet paper (these items we did NOT touch lol)

Hubby struck gold by spotting this on the ground:

Eight 'forever' first class stamps! Unable to resist the urge, we sold these suckers for $3.00 as opposed to their face value ($3.28). Since these stamps were found, the three dollars is going to the days' totals ($0.91 before the sale). God bless capitalism!

Total today: $3.91
Total thus far: $128.31

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thirty Two cent day...

Today we found thirty two cents-- a nickel while in the municipal building by the Ferry, two pennies inside Circuit City, a dime in the parking lot of said store, another dime while walking to the supermarket (where i picked up some yummy pineapple), and a nickel at the drug store on the way back from the supermarket. Lots of walking today-- I'm feeling like a $1,000,000,000.00!!

Ironically, on the way back from the muni building, I saw an old lady bend down and pick up what looked like a gold chain. Upon seeing this, I quickly scanned myself to make sure my own gold wasn't missing. All there. She scanned the object then threw it down in disgust. I'm guessing it may have been gold filled jewelry judging by her reaction. Before I got a chance to get to it, another person scooped it up and 'housed it' (put it in their pocket and walked off).

You snooze, you lose!

Total today: $0.32
Total thus far: $124.40

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy Days...

Despite the gloomy weather, we decided to go out for a pre- dinner trip to the store. Our minimal journey yielded $0.33- three dimes and three pennies. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day here at the Krabs' house-- hopefully all goes well.

Total today: $0.33
Total thus far: $124.08

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

That was odd?

bedroom toys
After about five unsuccessful attempts to log onto blogger, I just managed to sign in. This is a first for me but i've heard of this error before (other bloggers have complained about it).

hubby and I decided to go over to Commerce Bank to use their coin counting machine-- what a bust! Not one super cool coin or extra lil bit for the pot :( $41.33 is the exact total of change we inserted and received. BUT... we did happen to walk despite the crappy weather and found several interesting spots we'd not encountered before. A small park for serious joggers, a crowded strip where lots of rowdy teenagers frequent, and a quiet green walkway right by a parking lot. Apparently someone tossed out their carholder cup full of change on this very walkway (congrats to Hubby for the find-- 35 pennies and 4 dimes worth!) Our 4+ mile walk yielded exactly $2.42-- (gotta love joggers!!) one quarter, six nickels, fifteen dimes, thirty seven pennies for the newly emptied changepot. I've learned my lesson-- no more touching the change until the birthday (October 9!!).

Total today: $2.42
Total thus far: $123.75

Saturday, April 26, 2008

So today we made it to the zoo finally! I went without a jacket and froze a little bit. We walked a heavenly mile or two today as well. The first bit of coins came from McDonald's drive-thru this morning-- a dime and two fairly weathered pennies. The rest of the change-- a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and twelve pennies came from the Zoo and a nearby outdoor shopping mall. I soooo miss the Bronx... especially walking around Fordham road and bumping into people I haven't seen in a while. Today is a great day for dominos and some spanish food!

Total today : $0.64
Total thus far: $121.33

Friday, April 25, 2008

summer is inching closer...

the best thing about warm weather is the sports opportunities! Today my good friend and I tried to play some handball... (my shoulder is still achy) My friend began the change hunt with a penny on the ground at the handball court. The more we walked, the more the pennies materialized. I found a quarter the same color as the ground. In total we uncovered a quarter, a dime, and 11 pennies. The weather is still nice out... perhaps we'll find more coins on another outing?

UPDATE: The family went on a dinner walk that yielded another $0.27 in the form of a dime, a nickel, and 12 pennies. We walked pretty far (according to mapquest, the distance to our destination is 2.53 miles!) and walked back home... 27 cents in five miles... life is good :)

Total found today: $0.73
Total thus far: $120.69

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Something told me it's all happening at the.... (Part TWO)


(First Zoo Trip )

NOPE! We tried to go today but by the time we got there the parking lots were all 10000% full. Dejected, the crew headed through several hot spots of the bronx (my old stomping ground) and found some coinage. During the process of relieving our kids from being bored, hubby found a crumpled up ten dollar bill (2006 series). The man has some amazing eyes for finding money!! A few weeks ago he found a ten spot as we were leaving a restaurant. Anyway, the girls found a dime and twelve pennies and I found.. nothing. Well, maybe I found some inspiration. I think it's high time I change up a little of my life-- I'll definitely keep the blog posted on the conclusion of this newfound brainstorm.

Total today: $10.22
Total thus far: $119.96

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A whole new look...

Our amazing money jar was filled to the brim so we've moved the change over to our next size up jar... Here is a pic of it :)

My loving little girl found a penny in school. Perhaps we'll find more change in our after dinner walk.. who knows :)

UPDATE: A quarter, two dimes, and three pennies joined my daughter's penny for a grand total of $0.49! The quarter, two dimes, and three pennies were found at the parking lot over by hubby's job-- unauthorized personnel frequented the premises resulting in a sizable silver lot for the Krabs family. Wooohoo! I love the sound of progress!

P.S. Here is an interesting page (Coins Found) I found by googling-- the world is catching up (or rather, cashing in) on the phenomenon-- leave some change for the old pros, wontcha? Also, here is a link to a very cool message board subject entitled 'Do you pick up pennies?' where people swap tips on where to find change (it all started with this article by Donna Freedman over at msn)-- you know how much we love change articles here at the changepot!!

Total today: $0.49
Total thus far: $109.74

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penny Days...

Found fifteen cents today-- five pennies and a dime while the wee one was busy kicking soccer balls all over the field. The five pennies were found in odd locations-- the first two were uncovered in Home Depot. The other three were found during a very long walk to the grocery store. Ahhh the recession.... but on the flip side...I can't wait until 9pm... Ramsay time tonight!!

Total today: $0.15
Total thus far: $109.25

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's all relative....

After coming to terms with the realization that found money is going to get harder and harder, I decided to look around the net for new 'found change' blogs... here are two places i've uncovered thus far :)

1. Found Money
(features a neat little inventory of where they find change along with amount. Apparently their found change is stored in an ING account accruing interest.. kudos!)

2. Mamasaurus
(mama's keeping change count too.. gotta love that!)

3. A Soldier's Perspective: Parking Lot Pennies
(we here at the Krabs house love and respect the military. Here's one story with a moral in tow!)

Here's a cool article from
"Found Change" Can Really Add Up

When you see a penny glinting on the ground – do you stop and pick it up? I know – a penny doesn’t buy as much as it used to. Neither does a nickel or a dime. However, “found change” can really add up! Of course, some of you are probably thinking: “I’d be EMBARRASSED if someone saw me picking up money off the ground.” Or “Ew, pick up dirty coins off a dirty street? Who’d do THAT?!” The answer is: A lot of smart savers, that’s who!

According to MSN Money Central, picking up pennies is NOT a waste of time. A lot of people collect change in a jar all year – then use the money for something special. One couple mentioned in the article saved found money in a retirement fund. After five years, they had nearly $650 earning interest! People also donate found money to “penny drives” or charity jars. Others give themselves a special treat they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, like a night at the movies.

So, where are the best places to find lost money? Near parking meters, in vending machines, under fast-food drive-through windows, in parking lots, and near the doors at convenience stores and gas stations. Other places to check: Laundromats, self-service car washes, and the ball-crawl play area in family restaurants, like Chuck E. Cheese. The best place to find paper money: Around ATMs. That’s where you’ll also find the most lost cell phones and BlackBerries. Don’t consider those “electronic freebies.” Turn them into the bank – or see if the phone’s address book contains an “ICE contact” – In Case of Emergency.
Right now - I’d like to issue a “Dropped Coin Challenge.” Pick up any money you find – whether it’s a lone penny or a wad of dollar bills - and toss it in an empty jar. Every few months, count it up – and find something to do with it. Bottom line: even if it’s only $10 – that’s $10 more than you would’ve had otherwise.

(photo by curlieqgrl on Flickr. Visit her pics here)

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SLim Pickins....

Back to slim pickings. Found two pennies at the grocery store yesterday and hub found a penny close to the hospital intersection. Three pennies.. yay! Hubby blames it on Gas prices.
I guess people aren't going to go out much= no traffic, no change.

Ahh bollocks!!

Total today: $0.03

Total thus far: $109.10

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Changepot reaches 100.00 goal-- thanks to Atlantic City

Who says kindness doesn't pay off? Today Mr. K and I headed out for some gambling after visiting a good friend. As we took in the sights, an older gentleman absently dropped a high denomination casino chip. Without hesitation I picked it up and gave it to him. He didn't say thank you or anything but I didn't mind. About ten minutes later as we frolicked around the dollar slots, I found two crumpled up vouchers stuck together worth five dollars apiece! Apparently someone must have been quite upset about losing and thought this to be chump change. You know the motto here : any change is good change! Desperation can be an ugly thing, no?

We also found six quarters, one dime, and five pennies during our stint over yonder.. yes my dears, today was a good day. As for how we did in our gambling-- I can't complain :)

It's about time the Changepot broke past the one hundred dollar mark-- perhaps it's time for more family outings?!

Total found: $11.65
Total thus far: $109.07

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mall finds

The Krabs set out to the mall in search of Kitty's new shin guards and found a total of $1.59-- Yours truly found a dollar bill folded up ever so ingeniously while the remaining loot seemed more like a collective (of course I spotted it and called it to each corresponding family member ;)

Looks like we'll be close to the 100 dollar mark soon... (I hope.. ::gulp::)

Total found: $1.59
Total thus far: $97.42

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keep your eyes on the ground...

And so the changepot grows ever so slowly....

eighteen cents today- a dime and eight pennies found by Mister Krabs himself during and after duty today. Tomorrow looks like a good day to ping hunt indoors.. we'll see what happens :)

Total today: $0.18

Total thus far: $95.83

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Chalk up another $0.74 cents for the changepot-- a combined total for the past few days (including some coins found at the gym and other various locations). Hooray! The Pope is in town-- maybe we'll get to see a glimpse of him in his pope mobile... should be interesting, right?

Total found: $0.74

Total thus far: $95.65

(Congrats ali on the biggest loser title!!! Yayyy PINK!!!!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rainy Friday

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Not a bad find-- thirty seven cents (the price of a stamp six years ago) in the form of a dime, a quarter, two pennies and a broken heart. The latter is furnished by arguments with a close friend-- not the Changepot or any of its contents. Hubs found the quarter and a penny to compliment while I found eleven cents at the gym.

Total found: $0.37
Total thus far: $94.91

Stamp prices to rise from 34 to 37 cents

By: Shelby Sebens

Posted: 4/1/02

The U.S. Postal Service has suffered financially because of the economic struggles following the 9-11 attacks, and the strain is causing stamp prices to rise again this year.

The prices will rise from 34 cents to 37 cents after being raised last year from 33 to 34 cents.

"We're looking for the rates to go up no sooner than June 30," Susan Litterly, customer relations coordinator for the U.S. Postal Service in Springfield, said.

Reasons for this price increase have come about in the aftermath of terrorism, reduced revenues, economic recession, depression in the advertising mail market and electronic diversion, Litterly said.

According to Litterly, these problems have occurred for many years now, but the effects of 9-11 had even greater consequences this year.

"Our mail volume nationwide dropped 5 percent from last year," she said, adding the problem increased because they received 1.7 million new addresses to serve this year resulting in a loss of money because of the declining volume.

"Obviously there's a need [to raise prices] or we wouldn't do it," Postmaster for the Normal Post Office Kelly Stoll said.

The rise in price is necessary, Stoll added, because of the drop in revenue since 9-11. In her opinion, Normal has definitely seen a decrease.

The post office receives no money from taxes, Litterly said, all their profits come from sales. The money goes to labor, transportation, retirement and insurance for employees, Litterly said.

For the first time in history, the postal service got together with the large mailers and the postal rate commission to determine what an appropriate cost would be for the stamps.

Generally the process of raising stamp prices takes around a year and a half, but as a result of the severity of the need this year it only took a few months, Litterly said.

"Under the law we're mandated to break even over time," Litterly said.

She said this meant their revenue must equal their costs.

"These large mailers and the postal rate commission decided from the decline in mail advertising, economic recession and the aftermath of terrorism that something needed to be done," Litterly said.

"I don't think it's going to affect business. I think people are going to pay it to keep the post office going," Stoll said.

Sophomore business major Kori Freund said she has no problem paying the extra three cents because it is such a necessity for the postal service.

Freund said her mailing habits would not change as a result of this price increase.
© Copyright 2008 The Daily Vidette

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April days...

Found three pennies at the gym as I pushed myself to stay there. Today was an emotional day for me... but i'm feeling much better. Thank heaven for good friends-- the angel and devil perched on my shoulder got into a struggle and my ANGEL won-- thank you so much!

Total found: $0.03
Total thus far: $94.54

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Found 25 cents- two nickels and fifteen pennies- during my travails around various parts of New Jersey. Went over to Trader Joe's-- when will they open one in Staten Island dammit!!

Total found: $0.25
Total thus far: $94.51

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Sunday, April 06, 2008


Yayyy!! Our trip to the mall proved beneficial--a wealth of dimes, nickels, pennies, two quarters and a dollar by the food court making it $2.75 even for the lonely ole changepot :) I guess nasty weather brings out the mallwalkers... wow i've soo missed ping hunting!

Total found: $2.75
Total thus far: $94.26

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dollar Days

And there goes another proud dollar- flying into the hands and eventual pocket of Mr. Krabs. Chalk up another two nickels and five pennies as well-- seems like the changepots are spreading some wealth around. Summer is coming folks!

Total found: $1.15
Total thus far: $91.51

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