Friday, January 30, 2009


So far we've found fifteen cents and it's not even 10:30am! Here is a picture of the nickel found in the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts- hubby picked it up. Today we have a camera crew coming over to film us in action :) More details to come later!

Update: Found an extra fourteen cents while hanging out with Terence Burke and his crew. We are so excited that the world is curious about our experiment! And to think.. it all started with seven cents!

Total today: $0.29
Total thus far: $54.25

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Found a total of nine cents today- a nickel and four pennies- all in Fort Hamilton. The picture above was of a lonely penny by a freshly mopped floor that made its way into today's total. The nickel and remaining pennies were found in one specific parking space (perhaps the change fell out of someone's pocket as they sat down). Today's finds made us feel alot better since yesterday's snowy slushy climate kept change hidden for the day :)

Total today: $0.09
Total thus far: $53.96

No Finds.

Today's weather made it impossible to find any change- and so there's none to report today.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today hubby found a total of 26 cents in the form of two dimes, a nickel, and a penny. I am trying to convince him to take phone pictures of the finds prior to picking it up but he made a valid point of how difficult it would be to do that for EVERY coin found. Sometimes the pick ups have to be smooth and calculated- especially when walking in Manhattan or other crowded metropolitan areas. I didn't find any change in my limited outing to the gym but I did find MOTIVATION in the following photo:

The RX: 100 Crunches daily x 100 days= no more cravings for cigarettes?

We shall find out soon enough!

Total today: $0.26
Total thus far: $53.87

Monday, January 26, 2009


Found a total of six cents- two in a parking lot, one at the entrance at dunkin' donuts, one at CVS, and the remaining two were found on the sidewalk as I power walked from my favorite bagel place back to my nice little pad :) I totally agree with Mame over at Found moolah in saying that the cold temperatures restricts the free money efforts. Six pennies is better than nothing, right? :)

(the pre-Clayton change from the Fox set yesterday)

Total today: $0.06
Total thus far: $53.61

Sunday, January 25, 2009

$1.21 (the Fox News entry!)

Today we were interviewed on Fox News Channel here in New York City about this blog. Our children had an amazing time and we got to see live television in action- wow! The change today was picked up by Clayton Morris (co-host) during a teaser segment with co-host Alisyn Camerota.
Here are a few pictures we took en route :) It was SOOO EXCITING!! In all our excitement, we forgot to mention the name of our blog lol. Hubby did a search and found multiple links under 'Family Collects $1,000 Worth of Spare Change'.

(Update! Found more change after the show! In Manhattan of all places :) Found a dime, a nickel, and nine pennies in various places. If you get a chance, check out the Divine Performing Arts Chinese New Year Splendor 2009! P.S.S--> While on my way to RCMH, I noticed an older gentleman bend over with great effort to pick up a penny at a crosswalk off 7th avenue. I caught myself staring because I'd never witnessed someone brave the elements (it was FREEZING) in order to pick up a lone penny! Hubby went out of his way to rescue coins in the subway, the ferry, the street, and Dunkin Donuts off Times Square but he's seasoned at that kind of swoop and recover tactic. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer again :)

Total for today (so far) : $1.21

Total thus far: $53.55

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today we found a total of 41 cents- three dimes, one nickel, six pennies- while shopping at the Mall. No dollars today though :(

Total today: $0.41
Total thus far: $52.34

Social Implications? README

Hubby and I were discussing the recent publicity generated by our family's odd little hobby and look upon it with mixed feelings. A large majority of people feel that picking up change found in the street is a sign of financial hardship, too much spare time, or simply put- a social faux pas.

Is it really a bad thing?

What started more as a social experiment has now become something considerable. Imagine finding a thousand dollars in the street. What would you do with it? Pay a bill? Splurge on something you'd otherwise not buy with your hard earned cash? We here at the changepot have not spent the money we've found nor intend to do so. Our children are very proud of their additions- their found coins in the playgrounds, on the sidewalk, etc. Also, we do not rush to pick up dropped coins nor bowl some old lady over to pick up her freshly dropped dollar. Quite simply- we bend over to pick up coins, bills, and broken gold jewelry already dropped. You'd be surprised how many people walk over money without a forethought. How many times have you walked over a folded dollar bill discarded carelessly in front of automated sliding doors at the supermarket? Last year alone, I found eleven dollars - a ten and a one - just by glancing ahead of me. Coins? They're everywhere. What sets the Changepot, Found Money, and other people who retrieve change aside from the local population? We document our change finds in blogs and share our joys in obtaining it. This is an important time in our lives - a new president ( I can't believe he's got a myspace profile!), a new way of thinking. Pay attention to your surroundings ladies and gentlemen. Perhaps Change is Good after all?


Friday, January 23, 2009


Wow! Today I found a dollar on the ground while walking to the grocery store. The rest of the find- nine pennies- were found in various locations. Interesting note: While I would never entertain opening up my door to retrieve change on an active highway, I did happen to notice three quarters while sitting in BQE traffic around five o clock today. I think i'm happy enough with the dollar find at this point to start stressing quarters on a highway :)

Total today: $1.09
Total thus far: $51.93

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No finds-

We found no change today BUT I am in good spirits after watching some awesome music videos on YouTube. If only MTV would go back to putting on music videos instead of the pulp garbage they're airing nowadays (wow.. I'm starting to sound like a parent!)

Alejandro Fernandez is amazing!

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Discarded Money
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Today we found six ugly pennies and a lonely nickel while running errands. Time passes by quickly! The girls are in mid-terms and I've been looking forward to our television interview!! More details to come tomorrow!! :)

Total today: $0.11
Total thus far: $50.84

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Quick post: Found two dimes so far- one in the gym parking lot and the other in Dunkin' Donuts- both before 12pm!! Today looks like it's going to be a wonderful day for change :)

No accounting yet as the day isn't quite over.... TBC

Add another penny to the pot- and a warm hello to our good friends on this chilly Winter day!

Total today: $0.21
Total thus far: $50.73

Monday, January 19, 2009

No finds

Found nothing today BUT I did get a chance to eat some delicious Cuban cuisine at Alvarez Cafe in Elizabeth, New Jersey. It was definitely worth braving the winter elements :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today we found a total of $0.45 in the form of a quarter, dime, a nickel, and five pennies even. We also found a smaller coin that turned out to be a 1982 1 cent piece from the cayman islands. All of the coins were found at the food court of the Staten Island mall- apparently the crowds are getting a little looser with change (that's always a good thing!).

Total today: $0.45
Total thus far: $50.52

P.S. Today's total reminded me of this concert footage- Wow..1987! Where were you when this came out??

Saturday, January 17, 2009

$0.35 (Hello fifty dollar mark!!)

Today we took a trip around the mall and found a significant amount of change (definitely not do-able in this ourside weather). We found a total of $0.35 in the form of two dimes, a nickel, and ten pennies. The first dime was found right by the elevator in the underground parking area (great start!). Dime #2 was found under a bench in the food court. The lone nickel was spotted under a 'dippin' dots' machine as we rode the descending escalator. Pennies were coming out of the wood work today- which is A-OKAY with us.. .times aren't that hard it seems :)

Today's find bolsters the changepot over the fifty dollar hump- here's to our next challenge- the hundred dollar mark :)

Total today: $0.35
Total thus far: $50.07

Friday, January 16, 2009


Image from:

Found a dollar, a dime and a penny while running errands in this bitter cold weather! This is a very odd total of found change but hey- i'll take it! The dollar was found inside a costco shopping cart (where we did most of our grocery shopping for Sunday's football games). The dime and penny were also found during the same outing. Hubby and I bought tickets to go to a supercool event happening at RCMH at Costco (you may want to check it out) : Chinese New Year Splendor.

I can't waittt!!!!

Total today: $1.11
Total so far: $49.72


I'm so happy that people are starting to realize just how much we tend to overlook change on the ground. This blog isn't just about the change I find- it's about how you can change your situation with a little positive thinking and alot of faith. Are you ready to make a change? Leave me a message and tell me how YOU plan on changing today?


(in case link doesn't work)

1. Start picking up change you find on the floor and put it in a jug.
2. Make a budget that takes into account all the habits you have- quit them for a month and add the money into that jug.
3. Think about your future TODAY instead of tomorrow- add a dollar in the jug everytime you say something negative.
4. Be nice to your family. They are the only people you have in the long term like it or not.
5. Recycle cans and bottles at the supermarket. Put that money into the jug.
6. Sell the junk you're stashing in the basement. Take half of your proceeds and put it into the JUG.

Your jug will thank me later.
(Hell.. make your own web blog... I'll read it :)


Today we found a 1967 Quarter on our way to salsa class. Hubby and I are taking dance lessons as a way to spend some fun 'alone time' together. So far we're up to shine number four in a series of over one hundred steps! Looks like it's going to be a warm winter :)

Interesting.... so far we've had a decent 3/3 streak of finding silver coins as opposed to 'just pennies'. I guess people are finding it too cold to pick up dropped change- ah well, the more the merrier :)

Total today: $0.25
Total so far: $48.61

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today we found a total of $0.12 today in the form of a dime and two pennies. The dime was found right by my car in the parking lot. The two pennies were found right on the ramp going up towards the second floor in Jersey Gardens. Sadly, a quarter got away from me today. I reached down into a patch of ice in the parking lot expecting the quarter to be stuck in the grey debris- not so! The quarter gave quickly underneath my grip and slid further underneath the car. It's okay because I'm sure someone out there will make better use of it than us at this point :)

Total today: $0.12
Total thus far: $48.36

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today we found a 1969 Quarter at the gym. Today marks day one for Brianna's gym regiment- I am very proud of her. A reader posted a question yesterday that I have to answer :)

Q: Wow, what you're doing is so awesome. I have a question for you: What is the dirtiest coin/piece of money that you found? And would you go great lengths to pick up a horrendously dirty penny?

A: We don't pick up money that is soiled beyond repair. The dirtiest money we found was a dollar bill that was blessed with birdpoo : the post can be found by clicking on this link --->The BirdSh*t Dollar

Total today: $0.25
Total thus far: $48.24

Monday, January 12, 2009


A warm welcome to those who are coming over from our local news articles posted today in The Daily News and NBC New York.
My family and I are very excited to see all the attention our changepot has generated in the past three and a half years! My daughter Brianna has now decided to take over the daily accounting and posting for the changepot (a habit I highly encourage). Now back to how we got here in the first place: the totals.

On Friday we found two very cold pennies in front of our house. The weekend drill at hubby's job brought us three nickel, and two pennies. Today my daughter found fifteen cents in the form of a dime and a nickel in the school yard and hubby found a quarter, a dime, and a nickel (in that order) while getting us three copies of the Daily news today. While we haven't found a dollar yet since the new year began, I am quite optimistic though something tells me we'll have some new competition in the change finding scene with all the new hunters turned on to the idea that yes, you can accumulate quite a bit of change if you pick up that penny. I say the more the merrier!

Total today: $0.94
Total thus far: $47.99

Friday, January 09, 2009


Happy New Year to all! Hopefully everyone is in great health and spirits despite our economic woes! The Changepot project is still in effect and despite our lack of blog postings we are still reaping the benefits of being humble by picking up spare coins and the like. Since our last posting, we've found a total of $2.68 in the form of four quarters, nine dimes, five nickels, and fifty three pennies. Tomorrow we have a special guest coming over so i will blog all about it once we're done :)

Here are some very odd finds during FY 08 that I feel I must memorialize more for personal satisfaction rather than accountability :)

5> The Godiva Pretzel nickel: Hubby's famous words: " Are we supposed to eat this chocolate or wear it?"
4> The Christmas subway finds: God Bless the creators of Purell!!
3> The Mall sink penny: One of the cleanest pennies i've found thus far. Again, purell... merci beaucoup!
2> The Quarter that got away: While we didn't get to take this quarter, it was nice while it lasted. The quarter was right next to a chic sandal wearing hippie at a bay ridge Dunkin' Donuts. The fact that the man came out in sandals during a snowstorm was crazy enough.
1> The not now penny: Ever run into someone that you don't want to talk to and they distract you enough to make you forget what you were doing in the first place? Fortunately I ditched her and grabbed the penny by her foot and made my way outside the supermarket. Sometimes it's not that easy getting away lol.

Total so far: $2.68
Total thus far: $47.05