Sunday, April 22, 2012


Things happen for a reason.

We fall off the wagon. We move to another state. We switch from regular to decaf. All these things spark change- sometimes good, sometimes bad. Through it all our faith keeps us strong.

This morning I woke up in a lazy mood- not really feeling like doing much. Instead, I listened to my body and headed to the gym for a workout. While there, I thought back to the Changepot and how we've all  neglected our group quest. My youngest has her charity all picked out and my oldest started walking to school in hopes of finding more change. The changepot collection purse has a few coins and a dollar bill from a previous day of successful finds but no entries since last year.

I needed to make that change.

After belting out a decent workout while on my way back, I found three pennies as I crossed the gym parking lot. Judging from my previous posts, it was a decent find as there are days when we find zip. As I approached my place, I looked across the street and found a neatly folded five dollar bill.

And now I find myself back here again. I'll reset the count until I count all of the change in my changepot jar. Right now it's good to be back. Happy hunting :)

total today: $5.03
total thus far: $5.03