Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happiness is...

Finding eight cents on New Years eve! There may be more to come later since Hubby has some errands to do as well. Today's game was AMAZING!!! GOO SEAHAWKS!!!! I am very Happy with Hackett's sportsmanlike conduct despite the crappy reverse call early in the game.. I think I'll root for DJ from now on...

Total today: $0.08
Total so far: $145.86

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pizza Hut tip

Today the hubby gave into commerical television and went to Pizza Hut to get the 3 Medium Pizzas. When Hubby returned, he reported that he found $.30- a dime and a nickel.


Today I had a chance to test out the coolest gift given to the Krabs by fellow coin hunters the Roccos of Piggy Bank renown- I transferred all this year's change into the Amazing Money Jar. The whopping change total amounts to $57.78 since October 2006. Dollars come out to exactly $88.00. According to our new gift, the changepot is over by twenty cents.. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! I'd rather be over than under for a change!

Total today: $0.30
Total thus far: $145.78

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Final Days....

Found two pennies while throwing out the trash....not much else to report.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tis' the Season

While out shopping today, we found a total of sixteen cents and all was well at the Krab household :)

ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR....December 28

the Changepot 2005 was holding in steady at $35.70. Since October 2006, the changepot holds $145.26. The grand total of the Changepot as of December 28, 2006 is : $525.93... isn't that a promising number, ladies and gents?

Total today: $0.16
Total thus far: $145.26

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nothing but a good time...

Today we didn't find any money BUT we had some good clean family fun playing some basketball at the gym. Sandy scored 47 baskets in five games against Mr. Krabs aka "Larry Bird"- this man can not only score baskets inside the black line.. three pointers are his top specialty. I am very proud of them both.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Ketchup Game...

Hope you all got what you wanted!! My apologies for not updating sooner... it's been hectic but hey, better late than never hmm? On Saturday, hubby found a dollar bill by the liquor section of the shopette and a penny by the cashier as he bought some coconut rum. I"ll be updating the totals for the day when I return from some shopping.

Total: $1.01
Total thus far: $145.10

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas eve is coming...

Are you prepared??

We redeemed our bottles and cans today- chalking up $3.45 (Three dollar bills, a quarter and two dimes) for the Changepot fund. Hubby and Mom are out doing some last minute shopping so I won't know if they've found anything of note to put here thus far.

Total today: $3.45
Total thus far: $144.09


Times are tough.

Despite my looming infection, hubby and I have gone out multiple times running errands and the like. Results? NADA. People are starting to pinch pennies it seems. One very cool thing happened today though. As I was cleaning out my library, I found my husband's camel-bak (which he uses in place of a man-bag during the summer). The last time he'd used it was during our trip to Sesame Place. As I shuffled the bag, I heard a jingling sound. I found five pennies which looked in bad shape. He smiled and said "Oh yeah... I must have forgotten to give it to you when we got back home!". So today, we claim the cents for strict accounting purposes.

Total today: $0.05
Total found thus far: $140.64

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Coke updates

After collecting some coke bottle caps for a few months, the Krabs received their prizes: one coke holiday 2006 truck and a coca cola game set. We gave the game set to Sandy and the truck to Kitty (she was quite happy with it). We've still got a few points left.

Update to come later as no one has left the house yet.

Update: Chalk up eleven cents for the changepot- one nickel and six pennies waited for us at the grocery store where we did our christmas feast shopping.

total today : $0.11
Total found thus far: $140.59

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

misdiagnosis..and a dollar.

after going to the emergency room with 105.1 fever, we found out that I have strep throat. Hubby got my meds and ran a few errands- snagging 16 pennies in the process. He found a dollar bill at the pharmacy where he picked up my medications. I{m still a little dazed but at least the fever won't pass 102.

Total today: $1.16
Total so far: $140.48

Monday, December 18, 2006

it's a bird it's a plane... it's INFLUENZA!!!

Well ladies and gents, Mrs. Krabs officially has the flu. You're probably wondering why i'm online if i've got the flu- I guess this blog is just too important to ignore (as are the bills lol).

Before I was tyson punched by the nasty strain of the flu, hubby and I made last minute shopping rounds. The money found today was all on the street as we waited for the light to change color. I found a 1958 quarter right around the corner from the firehouse on Richmond Avenue. Can we sa SILVER?! Current value : $1.75 (or it may have changed.. I am too delusional to look it up. As hubby went to retrieve the change, three other pennies, including a 1940 wheat (worth nothing right about now).

A word of advice to my cyber change hunters and accidental readers: THE FLU IS OUT THERE! I wouldn't have known it was the flu until I started tallying up the symptoms (which are) :

a. extremely high temperatures (I've reached 104.6 twice)
b. tolerance to high amounts of fever reducers/pain medication (advil, and tylenol didn't do anything for me)
c. fatigue, vomiting, and serious muscle aches.

i'll be on my way to the hospital tomorrow. Fun.

Happy Holidays!! (ugh)

total found: $0.28
total thus far: 139.32

Sunday, December 17, 2006

another fun day...

Today we found five pennies scattered around Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn. The continuous topic of conversation today was our amazing change find yesterday. Hubby brought up the fact that we havent really "hunted" since early October and since the majority of change was found on campus (as usual), it could easily have been finals week that yielded such finds. Personally I think this find cushions the "bad month" we've had. Still, our outings left one family member in bed with what looks like the beginning of flu (just in time for Christmas.. yum)

Total today: $0.05
Total found: $139.04

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Saturday December 16
Holy Moly!
We walked around here early this morning and found LOTS of change... we're talking over six dollars worth of change, folks! We made our way to an open field where a traveling fair had passed a few months ago, I am so shocked. We found $3.00 in change scattered around the area before heading out to the nearby mall (for breakfast) where change seemed to multiply in record numbers. Here are the totals for today and it's still 1:50.. meaning we have more daylight hours for ping hunting!!!!

quarters 12
nickels 15
dimes 18 (2 silver)
pennies 84

I'm taking a dollar in change with me to "call forth the new ping". Here is what i'm taking on my next trip out
1 quarter
5 nickels
3 dimes
20 pennies
and a foreign coin

total found $6.39

update: while hanging with the Roccos (of Piggy Bank renown), we found more change. I’l post pics tomorrow. The totals are as follows:

2 quarters
4 dimes
13 nickels

Updated total: $7.42
Total thus far: $138.99

two cents

two cents ... that's all for today... two pretty copper pennies.

Thursday, December 14, 2006



Not much to report (just like yesterday lol). Hubby found eleven cents in the parking lot at work. No one else found anything since it was such a bleah day. Need some more pizzazz to get me through the seasonal slump. Drinks anyone?

UPDATE: daddy's quick trip to the drugstore yielded fifteen cents (dime and nickel) as he purchased cough syrup for the girls. GO SEAHAWKS !!!!

Total found: $0.26
Total thus far: $131.55

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Not much to report...didn't do much today except clean, cook, and watch the rugrats. Hubby's job took him to uptown Harlem where he found three pretty quarters in three separate areas. Life is good.

Total found: $0.75
Total thus far: $131.29

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Random Acts of Kindness...

Today we found a total of $0.11 while on an evening run to the grocery store. I am so tired of christmas shopping... when will it ever end????

Total found: $0.11
Total thus far: $130.54

Monday, December 11, 2006

Ping..and a miss

Three out of four Krabs family members made their way to the mall. Two dimes, one nickel and sixteen pennies later, the family emerged victorious on an otherwise mediocre day.

Total found: $0.41
Total thus far: $130.43

Breakfast with the bearded one...

Today we took the girls to have breakfast with a tired looking Santa. He smiled and politely listened to the children's requests like a real trooper. Must be tough!

We found a whopping $0.50 today! Our first find was a quarter on the way to the breakfast (thanks to Bri for that one). The gradual procession of pennies (ten in all) ranged from parking lots and other stores where people loved to push in order to secure the right gift for their spoiled brats. I was tackled by an idiotic redhead who didn't see where she was going. Fortunately I squared up my shoulders and stoodright in front of Kitty as she was headed in her direction (I don't care if people push me.. it's the kids I guard ferociously). We collided like two linebackers at Qwest field. I bumped her so hard she took a second to balance herself. I shot her an evil look as I ushered my child over to another section of the store. I hate the shopping season!

Total found: $0.50
Total thus far: $130.02

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bleah Day...

Sandy found one whole dime while at the store today. Ladies and gents... this is officially one tough ping season thus far. Hopefully we'll be able to find some change tomorrow as we turn in some coins from the penny tin (non changepot coinage).

Total found: 0.10
Total Thus far: 129.52

P.S. Have you sent out your gifts yet? Don't wait 'til the last minute!

Friday, December 08, 2006

MallRats: The new plague.

Today the Krabs set out for some wholesome family ping hunting at the local Mall. We found lots of pennies -twenty in fact (People don't like pennies!). Sandy found the majority of the change in the oddest of places... what a pro! We found one quarter, two dimes, and twenty pennies. While we hunted, we picked up two lovely Christmas dresses for my girls... I am so proud! On a lower note, I must say I am quite disappointed at the mouth on these teenagers today- as we walked to our car, three thug Columbine wannabe goth kids said some disgusting things in front of my children. I don't know how I restrained myself especially since one said something so vulgar.... I kept reminding myself that this lil' sonofanitch is someone's son. OK.. back to happier thoughts.

Changepot 06' Alert:
We received our first savings statement of the Changepot 06' account. Total added this month: $1.17. Thank you- kind strangers- for contributing to the changepot cause. It's the gift that keeps on giving :)

Total found: 0.65
Total Thus far: 129.42

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shopping... DONE!

Here's a baby champion in the making. The inlaws are preparing their females for "the season" so we're hoping to stop by when new pups come in the summer... yippee!!!

But seriously, folks.. back to shopping.

Ok.. now we're really done. At least I am confident that we're done. Aw heck.. I dunno.
One thing I do know is that Sandy Cheeks saves the day by finding six cents at school. I found nothing and while hubby is still outside (night class), I cannot with clear conscience count the nickel and penny until he arriveth.

I just sat down to watch the '94 version of the Flintstones movie and I am quite disappointed. The actors tried their best... but it wasn't enough.. really. I did happen to finish Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS as I took in this horrendous film.

Total found: 0.06
Total Thus far: 128.77

It's raining quarters!

Since Hubby is still technically on vacation, we ran a few errands and found some coins along the way. We scored five quarters today (a serious oddity!) and some other coins including a bermuda quarter. The first stop was the grocery store where we bought groceries for the next few weeks. We found $0.53 and the bermuda quarter at the coinstar machine in the store. Luckily the machine is right next to the coupon section where I found lots of great deals on things I intended to purchase anyway and I saved myself over $3.00! Stop two was Hubby's job where we picked up some paperwork (the man is never really on vacation...people of his profession never really are for some reason). We found $0.26 in the form of one quarter and one seriously bent penny (he dug it up from the ground with a pen). Stop three yielded $0.56 (two quarters, one nickel, one penny) as we went mall hopping for a little bit to get some exercise.

I've been feeling under the weather lately. While I'm not totally sick (no fever or anything like that), I just feel completely off-kilter. After conferring with a family friend, I think I may have the "holiday blues"- a mild form of seasonal depression. Looking around yesterday, I don't think I'm alone on this one- people seem a bit disillusioned. Where did all the holiday cheer go??

Total found: $1.35
Total thus far: 128.71

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

X-mas shopping- DONE!!

Today marks the absolutely last gift for everyone on our list- except for each other, that is. Hubby is an extremely hard person to shop for.. so i'll be watching out for deals and such. As we purchased a few items at a local Costco, we found a total of seventeen cents (a dime and seven pennies). Hubby emptied out his ping bag from our seattle trip and found seven pennies from various parts of seattle, tacoma, and yakima- aka wine country! We have added the pennies to today's total.

Update- I am so exhausted from the weekend trip! The jet lag has affected us all- hubby's coming down with a cold, my ears feel like windtunnels, not to mention my appetite is completely off-whack. To all you frequent flyer folks and stewardesses, I don't know how you do it but I sure wouldn't want to trade places with you!!!

Total found: $0.24
Total thus far: 127.36

Back from vacay #2...

The pic shown here is two of my mother in law's champion siberian huskies- lots more pics of them to come in the next few weeks :)

Our weekend trip to Seattle was amazing! While we didn't find much change, we did see some nice sights as we rekindled the family flame. We came back with a nice chunk of change ($1.22 in dimes, nickels, and pennies). I'll post stories and pics tomorrow since i'm tired and still celebrating my own personal holiday.

Total found: $1.22
Totall thus far: $127.12