Sunday, October 30, 2005

FAQ about The Changepot

I've received alot of questions as to why I'm doing this so I have decided to answer a few q's directly on this blog for your viewing pleasure:

Q: Why are you going through all the trouble to document money you find on the floor? So you found five cents... big deal?

A: Found money is money that has already been taxed, scrutinized and pretty much left in the dark. We Americans spend SOO much money on garbage that we're used to this tiny little charge when we buy drinks. Quite simply, I want my money back. From this moment forward, I vow to collect every penny I find regardless of risking the almighty finger pointing (wow she's a cheapo) and name callings... you should too.

Q: Ok so you got a few bucks in change.. whoopteedoo. What next?

A: The irony is.. I started recycling cans earlier this year. I managed to save a nice wad of cash from recycling, cutting down bill costs and paying myself first by stuffing this money in envelopes I collect from stupid credit card offers and various snail mail spam "gimme money" donation letters. I joined a website called savingadvice in which I update my financial blog weekly. All this since March 2005. I am happy to report that I have accumulated triple digits in savings.

Q: now That's what I'm talkin about.. cold hard cash! How much have you saved, if I may be so bold as to inquire?

A: Four thousand dollars which is currently deposited and collecting interest.

Q: How can I start on my own savings plan?

A:Okay so you may not be into the recycling aspect. Instead of doing this, try this approach:

1. Electricity: BULBS Do you use the energy saver bulbs as opposed to the standard? I lowered my bill considerably with that alone.

2. Cable: Call and threaten to cancel the service.. they will lower your bill to keep you.

3. Credit Cards: For the cards you can afford to close, call the cust svc and negotiate with them directly. Tell them to close the account and tell them you're under hardship and would like to work out a deal while you still have some room to do good on your debts. If you play it good enough, not only will you be able to do a payment plan.. you could get a rate reduction for hardship alone.

4. Groceries: CLIP CLIP CLIP! Coupons are a blessing.. doubled coupons are even better!I also use ONE credit card that gives me 5% back of all my groceries. It may not seem like much at first but I have just recently cashed my second check in the amount of 90.00.. a free 180 bucks for doing what I do ANYWAY is unbeatable in my eyes!! I don't use my card for anything else except food and gasoline. When I make the purchase, I put the money to pay the bill in an envelope and when the bill comes, I go pay directly at the bank.

Hope this helps!

So... if you're up for grabbing the change in the street or picking up a few bottles once in a while.. do your thang! People won't laugh if they see the bankroll you can get from these little ventures ;)

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