Thursday, October 20, 2005

Plain Gold Ring (La Belle Reve)

::Sigh:: I wish hubby would get me a new wedding band... the one I wear currently chafes my skin and it looks utterfly grooooosss. Anywhoo... yesterday I attended the first official meeting of "See Me" with the editor-in-chief and a few guest writers/photographers. I have assumed the title of business manager/writer. Dontcha just looove college :) it makes ya feel so important! But seriously folks.. we're on the verge of something new at CSI.. something bold.. exciting.. and engaging for folks of ALL ages- not just the young leftist who can't seem to come up with words beyond the four letter expletives. GO COLLEEN!

As for moolah.. I found a total of 12 cents in the oddest of places! The first penny was carelessly discarded at the pump of a nearby gas station. I picked up cold mr. lincoln and put him in my baggie (sometimes the change I find has to be uhm.. disinfected lol). When I got to school, I caught the familiar glint of change underneath the snack machine so I did what a typical college frugalite would do... I dropped my pen under the machine and proceeded to investigate underneath it for my prized plume. VOILA! Out popped my pen and a shiny dime. My man... come to mama!
The last penny was hidden in the extreme corner of a staircase in building 5S. Mr. Lincoln is a little dirty.. but it's all good.. just needs a little ketchup is all.

Ode to Brando:
Funny how a carefree life costs so much to maintain. Even as a brutish rapist, Brando was sexy... quel dommage. How many of you have found your own elysian field? :::sigh::
The sun is finally rising here in the perfumed corner New York City borough that is Staten Island. The sky is drenched in fruit punch drunk puffiness .. and my thoughts remain as eclectic as the chinese bag lady that pushes her lifecart of clinking cans and bereft bottles.. deposits, deposits... deposits. Good morning beautiful. Welcome to America.

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