Thursday, November 17, 2005

Courses. Choices. Invocations.

I found a few familiar lincolns on the floor today... approximately 5 cents worth... wooohoo! My business venture yielded some nice profits this month... unfortunately the majority of my profit is going to pay my menacing student loan (it's ugly right now). I am currently reading a short story by Alan Gurganis entitled "Adult Art". Funny, I almost typed "One Art"- then chuckled because that's Bishop (Elizabeth, that is). How can you spot an English lit guru? When the target recites the last lines of the poem from memory : "...the art of losing's not too hard to master/thought it may look like(Write It!) disaster." Whilst on the topic of edumacation, I went in for grad advisement. I have decided on taking two courses- one in Drama and the other in Renaissance Lit (a Sting favorite). Okay. I'm tired. Goodnight... (and good luck.)

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