Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Penny Lane

I was looking at the pennies i've found during this finding change experiment and noticed some pennies look like they've gone through hell and back. I found an article on cleaning pennies with taco sauce <--click here. I'm sure you've heard about the wonders of ketchup... I happen to like this one better lol. I haven't found much change lately (seems like the upcoming holidays have prompted folks to pick up loose change).

On a lighter note, I'm off to sleep. Had a hard night trying to edit my paper for a professor this morning. I had a dream about him last night actually lol.. I dreamt we smoked weed and watched the whole series of Police Academy movies (it was soo odd). I couldn't help but giggle this morning because the dream was quite vivid... (thats the last time I eat pizza at 10pm!)

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