Saturday, November 05, 2005

Spotlight on LOGO

Have you seen LOGO yet?
I am extremely proud of this cable channel. Though it's geared specifically for Lesbian, Gay, and transgendered individuals, the shows and films are amazing!! Right now I'm watching Flawless with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert DeNiro. I am especially interested in this subject because I am taking a Gay Lit course in College- taught by veteran Gay rights activist Arnie Kantrowitz.

I feel so crappy today. Despite sharing my breakfast with Kitty, this morning has been quite rough. I'm hoping a good shower and a night on the town will bring my spirits up. I found a few cents all over the place yesterday but I didn't keep track of the total. A good friend told me that Commerce Bank has a change machine that automatically counts your change at no charge.. I'm thinking I may take the changepot over there once a month and post the totals accordingly.

About my play...
for those that are interested.. my play received mix reviews on Thursday. I'm thinking I went way too intrinsic for people (Latin, Greek Tragedy. Expressionism, Realism, Necrophilia) but it's all good.. I will go on. I'm sure people will enjoy the next play... i hope.

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