Thursday, January 05, 2006

Four Shiny Dimes (and a wasted trip to a furniture store)

Mrs. Krabs has an aversion to particle board furniture. Mr. Krabs was looking forward to buying new bedroom furniture for the little crustaceans but I just couldn't bring myself to part with 900 bucks. 900 bucks for a temporary furniture solution. We have fallen prey to the Ikea insanity far too long (all their furniture falls apart rather quickly!).. sigh...

We went into a place here on the island which will remain unnamed for discretion. What a waste. First off, it smelled like cigarettes. And old men. Plenty of funk and fags (cigs Brit slang) to go around. As we walked further into the store, the smell nauseated me (nothing worse than an ex-smoker). I soon found out why. One rather large, balding man sat at the far end of the showroom happily puffing away RIGHT NEXT to a sign that says "Smoking Prohibited".

F**k it.


I found four dimes today in front of my house!!!! I have added them to the changepot. YAYYYY!!

(Grade Update: Four A's and a B! That would have made me $4.75 in high school back when mom used to pay me a buck for A's and seventy five cents for B's)

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