Friday, March 31, 2006


Yesterday was a winner.
After having cleaned the house yesterday, I decided not to cook. Hubby had a hankering for pork chops so we decided to go to the Boulder Creek Steakhouse and order some take-out.
We ordered 2 Cripple Creek Chops with sweet baked potato and two orders of Chicken Tenders and fries- bringing our total to $40.25. I happily plonked down two twenties and a quarter because it meant not cooking OR doing dishes (NO CLEAN UP)... boy was I wrong.

We all sit down to eat at around 5:30 (our usual dinnertime). I wolf down my grub while the girls daintily dip their chicken into little ketchup pools. All done by 6:00. I toss the remaining food & bones into the trash and we all proceed upstairs to play the newest Kingdom Hearts game. At about 7:30, my daughter complains of stomach pains. She lays down on my side of the bed to watch" wheel of fortune".

About ten minutes later, she gets up and goes to her room to take a nap. Minutes later, she wakes up startled and makes a bee line to the can. To make a long story short, I spent 6 hours intermittently cleaning up projectile fluids in the bathroom AND carpet. Her first and second set of PJs are destroyed. Thank you, BOULDER CREEK, for messing up my evening. I have spent the night caring for two instead of one. This morning (4:37am) my youngest booted me out of bed. Apparently she wanted MY SIDE of the bed. Oh well. It's okay though.. the sun is out, it's a brand new day, and I am feeling invigorated.


Check this out:

Starting Now

I learned another important credit lesson recently. We have ahome improvement store credit account and received a specialoffer several months ago for no payments/no interest for sixmonths. We made a somewhat large purchase, thinking we wouldbe able to pay it off before the end of the six-month period.When we couldn't pay off the total balance, we were surprisedto find out that the interest didn't begin after six months,as the payments did. We were charged the interest that wouldhave accumulated during the six months.

Sherry A.

Little Packets Add Up

My husband brown bags his lunch, but the other four men in ourfamily-owned business often bring back carry out. I set out abasket and asked for them to put the extra condiment packagesin it. At the end of a month, I squeezed out the packages just to see how much I had collected. I had enough ketchup torefill two large bottles and enough mustard to refill one bottle. In addition, I had more salt, soy sauce, taco sauce,mayo, and relish than our family uses in a month. And I evenleft some in the basket for their use! I also found the packages handy for impromptu picnics and BBQs at the park.

Laura in AR

Yesterday, I found a penny on my way to Best Buy (in the parking lot). The night before I found a penny at 10pm on campus (CSI barely has ANY lights on at night!!) on my way to the car.

I'll update more throughout the day.

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