Sunday, April 23, 2006

Origami Dreams

This pic is of the offensive female peacock that wanted to take a royal chunk out of my butt at the Bronx Zoo early Friday morning. She flew over the gate and tried picking at my bag (I had lunch and snacks in there). I'll post more pics of the zoo within the coming days.

The peacocks at the Zoo are extremely aggressive right now. I was doing some research on them and came across this website for your inspection.

But Seeeriously folks:

Yesterday flew by! I meant to document our daily find last night but I fell asleep quite early. We took a drive to Bordentown, NJ to get a few things and wound up being good citizens. We went to a store and purchased a box of four plant stands (valued at $14.99 each). The lady at the register only charged us for one and we were leaving the store when I realized the error. What would you do? Go home without paying the 44.97? (there is no tax for this purchase) or would you go and pay for it?

We decided to go back and pay for the merchandise. The floor manager was dazed and kept thanking us for our honesty. Turns out the cashier was new to the place and was on trial probation. Had we gone home with the merchandise, she would have been let go for this error. What can I say.. we are all ethical folks here at the Krab house.


We rented Hostel and War of the Worlds from our neighborhood video store . I feel so sorry for all the Tarantino fans out there... HOSTEL SUCKED CHUNKS! I wish I could get my money back but we paid with a gift card. War of the Worlds was 10000000X better. I wound up having a nightmare about Hostel- not so much the gore part though.. it had more to do with walking around a foreign country.


Today we found a total of forty cents (two dimes, one nickel and fifteen pennies) throughout various locations in New York City and Bordentown New Jersey. Since it rained, we cancelled going on a walking tour of the neighborhood. It's okay though.. last week was jam packed with vacation excursions. I updated the changepot last night and noticed that we have found almost eleven dollars in the past three weeks. AMAZING. There was a time during this month when we were averaging $1.00 a day- interesting.

Total Cash Found Today: $0.40
Total Since Blog Inception: $63.80

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