Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Treks and Malaise

Today we perused a few malls for some indoor exercise. Sandy Cheeks is officially not feeling well (sore throat, general aches) so it looks like i'll be up for a while.


(Quick note: Despite feeling under the weather, Sandy found 2 dollars hidden in a plant shrub at Menlo Mall.The full two bucks goes to her changepot. The girl is on it, doggone it!)

Today we found $0.67 in the form of four dimes, two nickels, and seventeen pennies. We also found a funky gold ear hoop and a broken ruby/diamond cut gold bracelet in a laundromat parking lot. This will be added to our 'odd finds' jar until I amass enough gold to melt down and claim a few hundred in the name of dropped treasure! The first find of the day was a kamikaze dime that leaned against a store wall- waiting for me, I bet! Dime number two and nickel one were found by our parking space at Menlo. The rest of the change hailed from Staten Island mall. (Side note: As I checked out the found change in the pot thus far, I noticed something quite odd. We found a 1943 P Jefferson War Nickel (they go for more than $0.05 on Ebay, check it out HERE !!) I have no immediate plans on selling this nickel right now.. but when I do, I just might add the profits from the sale to the ever growing (and ever exciting) ChangePot.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $0.67
Total Since Blog Inception: $233.25

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