Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cash cow Thursday

Today was soo humid... yuuuck! It felt more like 120 than 80 over here on the island. One good thing did come out of today though. We found four dollars crumpled up along with a receipt for McDonalds dated early this morning. Kitty saw the ball and picked it up. Fortunately for us dad inspected the ball and saw the greenbacks poking about. We also found 37 cents while we did some shopping at the nearby mall as well. This is sweet justice for a month of little or no finds, imho. I'm hoping we hit the magic three hundred by my daughter Sandy's birthday.... let's see what happens :)

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $4.37
Total Since Blog Inception: $295.98


AndyfromSimi said...

What kind of ball was it? Just curious... That's an interesting find.
Andy From SImi Valley, CA

Mrs. Krabs said...

Apparently the person who dropped the cash held it in their hand for a long period and absently crumpled it up into a ball. At first glance I thought someone had just dropped it but the receipt was dated five hours earlier so we kept the cash.