Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Silver Half Dollars!!

In the past few days we have been finding incredible amounts of change- not to mention dollar bills. I guess the pre-autumn breeze has everyone a bit lethargic :)

Today I sent hubby to cash in a piggy bank full of coins (non changepot funds, of course). He set off with the bag of change and returned a few hours later with a huge grin from ear to ear.

"What did you do?" I asked him.
He opened his hand and inside were the following coins pictured below. I was so shocked, I had to take pictures of it. While hubby was out doing PT in joggers park, he found a very interesting spot on the side of the road. Not only did he find pennies, He found seven half dollars!! Not just any half dollar either. We're talking the liberty '43 variety and four 52' Franklins! Being a junior numismatist, I immediately looked them up and yes.. they are worth a few bucks! Will I sell them? NOPE. They are changepot finds. I won't put them directly into the change jar though. I am going to look for some plastic containers to put them in JUST IN CASE.

We've got two new countries to add to the non-U.S. Currency Jar- Barbados and Mexico. I think by the time we visit Canada, I'll have enough to buy myself somethin' purty courtesy of the tourists that keep dropping loons all over the place heheh.

Sandy found three pennies on her way home from school. She's a proud change hunter. I think i'll make her a button with something cute on there.

Since the wheat penny is badly beaten, I won't separate it for safe keeping.

Total found today : $3.54
Total Since Blog Inception: $338.27

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