Saturday, September 09, 2006

School Daze

Hooray for the first official weekend since the back-to-school craze began. While I haven't been going out much, I have managed to find change and so have my family members. I've decided that since my time is now quite limited being soccer/PTA/girl scout/work-at-home mom, I will update this blog only when I reach more than a dollar in change finds. Though I wish I could blog daily like I did prior to the move- until further notice, I'll only update with significant finds.

Like last night!!

We took the kids to two fairs yesterday. Believe it or not, while the smaller feast is nowhere near as popular as St Gennaro's feast , the finds there were extraordinary! Our grand total for the day, you ask? $5.85. Yes.. four dollar bills, four quarters, seven dimes, and fifteen pennies.

We found all four dollars at the smaller festival- tucked inside a used book I bought for ten cents. A poetry book no less. The dollars were wrapped by what looked like a receipt from a Woolworth's dated 1983 (vintage receipt included!). Guess people should check what they throw out (or sell at a yard sale!)

the rest of the coins were spotted all over the place. The $1.85 was a mixed colloboration between Sandy and my husband since I had to keep close watch on Kitty. She tends to wander off too far at times.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $5.85
Total Since Blog Inception: $319.01

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