Monday, October 23, 2006


Every time I hear trance music, I feel rejuvenated. A friend of mine found my alltime favorite trance track and sent it over in .mp3 format.. I am on cloud nine right now!!!!

Today sped by. Sandy found a penny on the way home from school. Hubby found a penny and a nickel on the way to the dealership. The family found three dimes and eighteen pennies while on our three mile powerwalk. My new walking partners Sandy and Kitty make me proud. They didn't fight. Today was a good day.

Total found today : $0.50
Total since 10/05/06: $31.50

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Bailey said...

I always love finding change while jogging or power walking. Sadly, our new apartment complex has a work-out room, so now I use a treadmill. Plus, the weather is getting cold.

Good for sweatshirts (Love them), but bad for change!