Friday, October 20, 2006

Odd day... odd finds.

This morning started off rather loppy here at the Krabs' house. Sandy woke up late for school, hubby forgot to leave me the car seat, and Kitty was unbelievably moody all day. The rain just fell HARD right around the time I had to pick Sandy up- our hill was quite sleek but manageable.

Sandy came home smiling with two pennies in hand. Hubby was quite proud of his quarter and penny find right by the steps of the building where he works. It was Kitty's find that stunned us all as we headed toward the Bank just moments before it closed.

New Rule: When a kid exclaims that they have found something, do not ignore them!

The time was approximately 4:57pm. This particular bank closes at 5:00pm on Fridays but it stays open until 5:10 or so while the gov't employees file in religiously. We'd barely made it and I was just about to walk in when suddenly Kitty tugs on my pants and proudly exclaims "Mommy, mira... ping!" and points to a far off corner of the parking lot.

I studied her for a second and decided to stay outside while Hubbs and Sandy stood outside. We walked over to the aforementioned area and this is what I found:

Two neatly folded $2 bills (yes.. two dollar bills... I am quite shocked.)
One Susan B. Anthony Dollar (the second susan b. found this year)
and one funky metallic black earring (no value but gawdy enough to mention nonetheless).

Kitty found us three dollars. 'Nuff said.

(Edited at 6am 10/21/06: Total oversight on my part. Kitty found us five dollars. I can't even blame liquor for my accounting error. Good thing I am not a banker by profession LOL)

Tomorrow we head off for a day of fun filled activities girl scout style. I'll be sure to check in with some meaty details.

Total found today : $5.28
Total since 10/05/06: $27.05


Anonymous said...

Actually, didn't Kitty find $5? Credit where credit is due.

Mrs. Krabs said...

Whoa.. my math is certainly off.. I stand corrected. Kitty found us Five Dollars :)

nhcardhunter said...

Nice haul Mrs. K. Its those usual finds that make the coin hunt really fun. Keep up the good work!