Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Stray Cat Strut

Today turned out to be an okay day despite the lack of walking like we'd planned on. Sandy was fascinated by a certain stray cat that loitered around na-na's property as we went to collect mail. It was jet back with beady little iridescent eyes. I thought it would be bad luck since it crossed us but it wasn't :)

Hubby found a cache of pennies seemingly discarded by the side of the road adjacent from na-na's place. Apparently someone dumped out their cupholder change angrily as they waited for the light to change. Hubby patiently parked across the street and made his way toward the find. Eighteen pennies and two dimes later, hubby crossed the road shamelessy and hopped into the car. A few onlookers sneered. This did not deter hubby's smile one bit. I found a dime by a soda machine in front of the supermarket and Kitty spotted a dime under the display table of a pet store. We looked at all the sad lil' puppies they had to offer. One pup caught our eye. He was an english bulldog with the cutest lil' wrinkles! Hubby dared to ask the rep how much they wanted for the dog... this was the exchange:

How much for that doggie over there?

Thirty Two hundred.

Uhm.. you mean thirty two dollars?

No.. thirty as in three thousand, sir.

Does the dog speak like Brian from family guy?

(laughs) No, sir. This dog has impressive lineage

Hubby turned and walked out with no other minor retorts, dejected. I prefer not having any dogs since it's a mess to housetrain them. Still, I don't like watching hubby et al look so sad. One quick trip to baskin robbins for some icey cream turned the frowns upside down and the Krabs headed westward toward the hut they call home.

Total found today : $0.58
Total since 10/05/06: $20.63

(Quick note: Today the Changepot broke $400.00 since its inception- now that's what I call teamwork!)

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