Thursday, November 09, 2006

Add another six to the pot...

Today we found a total of six cents. Sandy found a 1941 wheat penny and I unearthed a pretty filthy nickel on the way to the drugstore. I think I'd been spoiled the last few weeks with the over one dollar finds and the like. Methinks this is a lesson in patience and humility :) Update: Hubby came home with three dimes, one nickel, and five pretty pennies. There's much change to be found after yesterday's rain apparently.

Total found : $0.46
Total thus far: 108.15

Sidebar: I'd like to personally welcome the Roccos into the found change blogosphere. While they have only been collecting found change and separating it since August, the totals are quite impressive. Keep up the good work! You can check out their beginning blog here -->Piggy Bank

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