Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday at the mall

We headed out for some black friday shopping (I ventured out at 4am!!!) and the Krabs found some noteworthy coins even in this unfamiliar territory. Right off the top of my head I remember three specific finds but I know there was more.. many more (which is why my totals are missing since Tuesday)

Find #1: nickel and penny at Walmart as a down-on-their-luck solicitor asked for some money. I pointed to the ground and said "There's a bit.. why haven't you taken the coins?" She replied "I don't like the kind that jingles- I prefer the kind that folds". I shrugged my shoulders, bent over and picked up the coins and went about my merry way.

Find #2: Nickel by the perfume ninjas (aka the fragrance boutique sampler people). I pefected the scoop and swat before she got too close with the overpowering colognes.

Find #3: Dime by the Piercing Pagoda- as we bought pretty little earrings for my friends baby, hubby secured a shiny new dime for our troubles :)


Anonymous said...

Your public pilferer in residence at that Wal-mart may be secretly a millionaire... Years ago, I came across an Obit about a "bum" who used to panhandle near my wife's metro-stop in good ol' downtown Washington... Seems the old guy made a killing asking for hand-outs... He left a bank and stock worth over $2,000,000 at the time. He lived in a studio apartment on Connecticut Ave. (in which he owned the entire building consisting of 12 units.) He was no bum... just an old man who enjoyed getting one over on the public's generosity.

I've wondered for a long time just how many other millionaire beggars are out there. Something to ponder.
Andy from Simi Valley, CA

Reminds me of the Kazu Lady on the Atlantic City Boardwalk... She too made a fortune playing that annoying Kazuu for handouts.

Mrs. Krabs said...

You may be right, Andy. The girl in Wal-mart looked rather clean for a beggar. I guess there isn't a beggar "type" anymore. About a week ago I spotted a young man begging for change at a gas station near my mother's house. He was clearly quite nervous and restless- definitely in need of a fix. I hate seeing things like that especally near the holidays.