Monday, December 11, 2006

Breakfast with the bearded one...

Today we took the girls to have breakfast with a tired looking Santa. He smiled and politely listened to the children's requests like a real trooper. Must be tough!

We found a whopping $0.50 today! Our first find was a quarter on the way to the breakfast (thanks to Bri for that one). The gradual procession of pennies (ten in all) ranged from parking lots and other stores where people loved to push in order to secure the right gift for their spoiled brats. I was tackled by an idiotic redhead who didn't see where she was going. Fortunately I squared up my shoulders and stoodright in front of Kitty as she was headed in her direction (I don't care if people push me.. it's the kids I guard ferociously). We collided like two linebackers at Qwest field. I bumped her so hard she took a second to balance herself. I shot her an evil look as I ushered my child over to another section of the store. I hate the shopping season!

Total found: $0.50
Total thus far: $130.02

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Anonymous said...

That puts the "Merry" in Christmas! Maybe we should change the Merry to "Mercy." Or, "Merci."

Feeling your pain from Simi Valley.

Andy from Simi Valley, CA