Monday, December 18, 2006

it's a bird it's a plane... it's INFLUENZA!!!

Well ladies and gents, Mrs. Krabs officially has the flu. You're probably wondering why i'm online if i've got the flu- I guess this blog is just too important to ignore (as are the bills lol).

Before I was tyson punched by the nasty strain of the flu, hubby and I made last minute shopping rounds. The money found today was all on the street as we waited for the light to change color. I found a 1958 quarter right around the corner from the firehouse on Richmond Avenue. Can we sa SILVER?! Current value : $1.75 (or it may have changed.. I am too delusional to look it up. As hubby went to retrieve the change, three other pennies, including a 1940 wheat (worth nothing right about now).

A word of advice to my cyber change hunters and accidental readers: THE FLU IS OUT THERE! I wouldn't have known it was the flu until I started tallying up the symptoms (which are) :

a. extremely high temperatures (I've reached 104.6 twice)
b. tolerance to high amounts of fever reducers/pain medication (advil, and tylenol didn't do anything for me)
c. fatigue, vomiting, and serious muscle aches.

i'll be on my way to the hospital tomorrow. Fun.

Happy Holidays!! (ugh)

total found: $0.28
total thus far: 139.32

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