Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pizza Hut tip

Today the hubby gave into commerical television and went to Pizza Hut to get the 3 Medium Pizzas. When Hubby returned, he reported that he found $.30- a dime and a nickel.


Today I had a chance to test out the coolest gift given to the Krabs by fellow coin hunters the Roccos of Piggy Bank renown- I transferred all this year's change into the Amazing Money Jar. The whopping change total amounts to $57.78 since October 2006. Dollars come out to exactly $88.00. According to our new gift, the changepot is over by twenty cents.. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! I'd rather be over than under for a change!

Total today: $0.30
Total thus far: $145.78

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Anonymous said...

I like the Amazine Money Jar! Looks cool!