Thursday, December 14, 2006



Not much to report (just like yesterday lol). Hubby found eleven cents in the parking lot at work. No one else found anything since it was such a bleah day. Need some more pizzazz to get me through the seasonal slump. Drinks anyone?

UPDATE: daddy's quick trip to the drugstore yielded fifteen cents (dime and nickel) as he purchased cough syrup for the girls. GO SEAHAWKS !!!!

Total found: $0.26
Total thus far: $131.55


Anonymous said...

I think I'm glad that the Seahawks game wasn't on TV here. It doesn't look like it went at all well.

Mrs. Krabs said...

What a nightmare of a game... the defense worked well until the fourth quarter. I turned the game off once the 49ers made their first touchdown. My husband took in the torture in its entirety and blames it all on the defense gone awry. I don't think i'll invest in NFL Sunday Ticket next year.