Saturday, December 16, 2006


Saturday December 16
Holy Moly!
We walked around here early this morning and found LOTS of change... we're talking over six dollars worth of change, folks! We made our way to an open field where a traveling fair had passed a few months ago, I am so shocked. We found $3.00 in change scattered around the area before heading out to the nearby mall (for breakfast) where change seemed to multiply in record numbers. Here are the totals for today and it's still 1:50.. meaning we have more daylight hours for ping hunting!!!!

quarters 12
nickels 15
dimes 18 (2 silver)
pennies 84

I'm taking a dollar in change with me to "call forth the new ping". Here is what i'm taking on my next trip out
1 quarter
5 nickels
3 dimes
20 pennies
and a foreign coin

total found $6.39

update: while hanging with the Roccos (of Piggy Bank renown), we found more change. I’l post pics tomorrow. The totals are as follows:

2 quarters
4 dimes
13 nickels

Updated total: $7.42
Total thus far: $138.99

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Anonymous said...

Simply amazing! I don't think I've ever found that much change at one time. Good going!