Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winter peeks in...

Today was one of the coldest days we've experienced thus far. It was a bone chilling cold that seemed to penetrate every layer of clothing worn regardless of fabric. Not a good day if you have a bad back or any other persistent seasonal affliction. We found two lonely pennies in a parking lot. That's it. Just two. I will stay positive since it's only January.

Side note-

I watched the President give his speech yesterday and I was not impressed nor surprised by the outcome. His speech implies that more of my fellow military families will become overburdened. It's bad enough that we've known a few soldiers that passed away in Iraq... apparently there's room for more death and decay. I won't rant about peace or disarmament but don't expect me to defend my political party on this one.

On a lighter note, I had a great tea party with my four-year old today. She is quite the cordial little hostess. Children have an uncanny way of making life a little more pleasant, wouldn't you say?

Today today: I got my $0.02 worth.
Total thus far: $146.25

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