Sunday, February 04, 2007


Yesterday and Today we found a total of $1.16. Since I didn't get a chance to separate the two day total, the accountability is a little off. Other than that, gotta go... SUPERBOWL TIME!


Total yesterday and today: $1.16
Total found so far: $152.74


nhcardhunter said...

I would have never figured you for a colts fan, Barb. I really didn't care who won, I was just hoping for a good game, which from Grossman's point of view couldn't have been very enjoyable. He stinks!



Mrs. Krabs said...

truth be told, I am not a colts fan. I just wanted the Colts to whip booty because the bears creamed my seahawks during the playoffs!

Penny Squisher said...

Now, see, I was rooting for the Bears because they beat the Seahawks. I always figure if the team that knocks your team out of the playoffs wins, you can say "Well, see they really were good so it's ok that my team lost". Of course, since the Seahawks weren't in the Superbowl, I didn't watch it and went shopping instead. Very nice, not very many people out and about.