Monday, March 19, 2007


Not much to report... we've found a total of $0.57 and one euro cent yesterday. I'm about to go venture out to the gym- perhaps i'll find a sweaty buck? (sheesh, I have a better chance of finding nemo in a public toilet bowl right about now).

Total this weekend: $0.57
Total thus far: $167.03


AndyfromSimi said...

Euro cents are cool! I'm a little curious as to the "Nemo" reference, though. Capt. Nemo or that disney fish? If it's the Captain then that's a fairly deep bowl... Flush!

nhcardhunter said...

Hi Barb, We've been finding our fair share of coins but that last greenback we got was back in October, I think. You need to get the gang out there now that it's offically spring and really start working on that total!



Mrs. Krabs said...

Hi Andy and Jim! long time no speak! Andy- the reference was about Nemo (Disney film) heehee. I love finding euros because I know once I've obtained a decent amount, I'll be able to trade them in for their worth in U.S currency and add that to the changepot totals as well.

Jim- the dollar finds are harder and harder to come by. Hopefully the big thaw will loosen some change upon us all. Lately the most we find are dimes and pennies... once the gang shakes the winter maladies (colds and flus), we'll be heading out in search for the big bucks! :)