Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Re-Cap

Weekend Re-cap
Saturday was spent reminiscing at grandma's house. We walked around the neighborhood and found loads of pennies. Hubby found some change at school and once we got home, we forgot to update our little changepot. Sunday was a less strenuous day but we did manage to find some pennies here and there. Altogether we found $0.40 this weekend- it's a miracle we found change at all!

Total this weekend: $0.40
Total so far: $164.11

P.S Congrats to MRS. ROCCO on finding her first dollar bill this weekend! Mrs. R. was working a 16 hour shift and managed to squeeze in time to call me and let me know of the fabulous find. More details to come once I get a hold of her on the phone! YAYYY!!!

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