Saturday, April 19, 2008

Changepot reaches 100.00 goal-- thanks to Atlantic City

Who says kindness doesn't pay off? Today Mr. K and I headed out for some gambling after visiting a good friend. As we took in the sights, an older gentleman absently dropped a high denomination casino chip. Without hesitation I picked it up and gave it to him. He didn't say thank you or anything but I didn't mind. About ten minutes later as we frolicked around the dollar slots, I found two crumpled up vouchers stuck together worth five dollars apiece! Apparently someone must have been quite upset about losing and thought this to be chump change. You know the motto here : any change is good change! Desperation can be an ugly thing, no?

We also found six quarters, one dime, and five pennies during our stint over yonder.. yes my dears, today was a good day. As for how we did in our gambling-- I can't complain :)

It's about time the Changepot broke past the one hundred dollar mark-- perhaps it's time for more family outings?!

Total found: $11.65
Total thus far: $109.07

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