Sunday, April 27, 2008

That was odd?

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After about five unsuccessful attempts to log onto blogger, I just managed to sign in. This is a first for me but i've heard of this error before (other bloggers have complained about it).

hubby and I decided to go over to Commerce Bank to use their coin counting machine-- what a bust! Not one super cool coin or extra lil bit for the pot :( $41.33 is the exact total of change we inserted and received. BUT... we did happen to walk despite the crappy weather and found several interesting spots we'd not encountered before. A small park for serious joggers, a crowded strip where lots of rowdy teenagers frequent, and a quiet green walkway right by a parking lot. Apparently someone tossed out their carholder cup full of change on this very walkway (congrats to Hubby for the find-- 35 pennies and 4 dimes worth!) Our 4+ mile walk yielded exactly $2.42-- (gotta love joggers!!) one quarter, six nickels, fifteen dimes, thirty seven pennies for the newly emptied changepot. I've learned my lesson-- no more touching the change until the birthday (October 9!!).

Total today: $2.42
Total thus far: $123.75

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