Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bank Transfer (Take One)

Since the economy calls for a lower brick and mortar bank interest rate, Big Boss and I decided to close the changepot account and transfer the money over to an online savings account. Our most recent statement reflected a savings interest percentage of 1% (that is down -3% from last May) so we're going for a 3% rate right now. ING bank has always been good to us-- and it can also be good to you! If you aren't already a customer and would like to open up a great savings rate with a $250 deposit, ING will give YOU $25.00! Here is a little more info explaining how it works:

By using the ING account referral program to open a new, no-fee, FDIC-insured Orange Savings account with APY, you'll get an extra $25 bonus.

The ING Direct Orange Savings account has no minimum balance requirements (after a $250 minimum opening balance) and no annual or monthly fees. Interest on your savings account is accrued daily, compounded monthly and credited to your available balance at the end of each month.

How to get your $25 ING referral bonus:

To receive your bonus, you will need an existing accountholder to send you an invitation directly from the ING Direct site. If you're interested in receiving an invitation from us here at the changepot, please email us at, include your first and last name, and include the phrase 'ING referral' in the title. We'll send the link within 4-6 hours.

Only U.S. residents with a valid social security number and who are currently residing in the U.S are eligible for this account.

Now back to the subject at hand-- The current amount for the past two years plus interest is now a whopping $656.25 (+26.51 in interest + silver found change sales). We've found change thus far today but we're about to step out again.

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