Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coins.. and a fight!

Today we found a total of $0.39-- two dimes, two nickels, and nine pennies in our daily travels. The first nickel and two pennies were found by the nearby gas station not far from the house. The girls love walking to school (I love it too since it saves me gas!) . The rest of the change came from a Citibank parking lot, a Popeye's chicken parking area, a telephone booth, and the hess gas station where they celebrated customer appreciation day-- free hot dogs and soda between the hours of 12-2pm. I wasn't impressed with the dogs but the soda came in handy (I won a free 20oz 7-up with the contest).

Earlier today I witnessed a pretty ugly fight which resulted in two women getting arrested. One woman (who was apparently very high and very angrrrry) attacked an older woman out of nowhere. During their cat-like scrapping, the younger one declared her love for some man and promised to leave some 'marks' on the elder woman. The fight didn't last long-- two patrolmen sprung from their posts and broke up the scuffle. I felt bad because the man who they fought for just looked on and laughed at them both as they were hauled away. Ah well.. such is life.

Total today: $0.39
Total thus far: $318.84

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