Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gold rush!

Today we found a total of $1.09-- a quarter, four dimes, six nickels, and thirteen pennies scattered around Staten Island. We did something odd today in favor of the changepot though. Today we sold the gold we've found during this change hunt and made a total of $155.00 from the exchange! This money is going into the changepot and until I find a way to make some money from the other objects we've found throughout the years, we're going to keep accumulating it in a separate jar.

Here's a small inventory of what was sold:

2 unmatched single earrings (obviously dropped unknowingly)
2 broken bracelets (both 14K)
1 bent dolphin ring (found under the boardwalk)

So in case you happen to find gold in the street and have a change jar just like us, sell it! It's a good time for it, I think :)

Total today: $156.09
Total thus far: $296.49

1 comment:

chiquita said...

i never thought of that! still i'd want to spend it instead of saving it lol