Thursday, May 01, 2008

Law of Attraction: The Changepot WILL get to 1K... (gulp)

So I've been telling my best friend R about The Secret and I realized I haven't been putting the concept of the Law of Attraction into play much. The mind is so uniquely powerful yet here I am letting it idle until I find something else to pique my interest. Bollocks! It's time to find a new hobby!

As for the finds-- today has been a multi-trip day here at chez Krabs. We've been running errands and preparing for tomorrow's events. The first find of today was a dime in the grass by hubby's job. Once the dime made itself known, change followed quietly. Two dimes here, two quarters there, pennies, pennies, and more pennies rolled along happily. All in all we found a total of $1.31 in change today. As usual, hubby saves the day with his innocent GREEN finds. As I stopped into a nearby shoe store to purchase the finishing touches on tomorrow's wardrobe, I notice hubby walking (no.. make that RUNNING) over to a car that just pulled away. He bends down and picks up something then walks back over to us with a Cheshire cat grin. How he managed to see it in the darkness is beyond me (it was already 830) but he managed to find EIGHT DOLLARS- A FIVE DOLLAR BILL AND THREE SINGLES! I guess some people have all the luck, eh? I'm thinking he's got us beat with dollar finds for this period.

Total today: $9.31

Total thus far: $137.62

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