Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Found a total of 28 cents- a quarter in front of Dunkin Donuts and three pennies in Subway. The quarter was definitely a shock considering the lack of silver finds in front of stores lately. Aside from the two quarters in Brooklyn, it looks like more people are hanging on to their loose change!

Side note: On my way to run an errand, I saw four cars on the side of the road in different streets with their hazards on. The fourth car just stopped short of a gas station. A very sunburnt man came out of the vehicle, muttering curses under his breath. Apparently his gas tank gauge was stuck on F(ull) meanwhile he had no gas. He had just traveled from South jersey and claims he was swindled by the mom and pop gas station. His tank was nowhere near full yet he paid the full amount. I'd read about Jersey Gas station violations earlier this week but i'd never thought this to be true. Anyhow, the man paid $143.00 to fill his tank and he was NOT a happy camper.
Keep an eye on your tank-- way too many cons going on right now!

Side Note #2: As some of you may have heard already, we were interviewed by radio correspondent Sally Herships regarding our Change Finding exploits. Ms. Herships sent us an email stating that the story has been postponed until further notice but when it airs, she'll let us know. It was still a great experience to get interviewed as a family about our change hunting hobby. I can't wait until we get to the next $1,000.00!!

Total today: $0.28
Total thus far: $366.59

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