Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today we ventured out into the city and found a total of $0.53- four dimes, a nickel, and eight pennies. We'd originally found 54 cents but one penny is a 1938 wheat so I've sifted it out for resale later at the next coin show. We also found a 1989 Canadian penny and a 2006 Bahamas penny (worth a lot less than what it's printed on lol). We were trying to get to the Central Park Zoo but with all the train service outages affecting the metro area, we settled upon Times Square where we stuffed our faces with M&M's, ate at the Olive Garden, and hung out with Geoffrey at the Toys 'R Us flagship store. Tomorrow, if the weather permits, we'll go out again.. this time to my native stomping ground Da' Bronx.

Total today: $0.53
Total thus far: $379.54

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