Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today we found $0.04- four pennies. The first two pennies were found right by the driver side door when we drove over to the gas station. $3.97 a gallon feels much better than $4.33 (the price I paid a little more than a month ago). Penny number three was discovered in the grass right by our neighborhood playground (congrats to Karen for the eagle eye find) and the last penny waited for us in front of our apartment complex. It was quite hot to the touch (guess it took some sun along the way) but that's just fine. One thing we've noticed is that our normal routines aren't producing much found change lately. Hubby wants to change course when we go out for walks to see if a different walking path will add more coinage to our jar- I believe we're doing just fine with what we've found. So far we've exceeded change find expectations by passing the $365.50 mark (surpassing year 1's total). I must say our little pot is coming of age quite nicely. After hearing our radio interview, a good friend of mine brought over an empty five gallon Poland Spring bottle 'for good measure' . As much as i'd love to change containers right now, I can't help but feel superstitious!! I'll wait until the Changepot's third birthday to start using it.

Total today: $0.04
Total this year: $381.83

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