Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today we found a whopping 17 cents- a dime and seven pennies- while picking up some things at the Mall. I was quite surprised to find a dime considering the lack of 'silver' on the ground lately. I am still in shock over the events this past weekend- I went to Atlantic City (once a changepot treasure spot) and found absolutely nothing! No penny vouchers, no renegade penny, zip. I'm thinking they knew I was around and hid all the coins lol. Congrats to Bri who found the small stack of pennies in the mall parking lot today- we would have missed it since the location was on the opposite row of cars.

P.S. Got my new Blackberry today so I'll be taking pictures of the coins in the wild and hopefully upload them on here for all to enjoy :)

Total today: $0.17
Total for FY 08: $381.78

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