Saturday, September 06, 2008


Today I found a lone penny during my morning coffee run. I'd seen a few pennies and a dime in the parking lot but since I had my hands full, I didn't get to them in time. Pity. Hubby found a few coins during his business trip but I won't add them into any totals until I have them in my hand. The rain is coming down hard over here today- perhaps it will bring up a few buried coins tomorrow ::fingers crossed:::

Total today: $0.01
Total thus far: $391.67

P.S. While I usually like discussing politics and respect what other party affiliates have to say, I deleted a comment left on this blog today that offered an opinion about my political preference. We all have our beliefs and faiths in our candidates. America is great enough to allow freedom of speech but I won't entertain bullish comments about political affiliation on this blog. There are forums specifically for that cause. This blog is about finding change and that's how it will stay.

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