Monday, September 15, 2008

$0.27 Vacation Wrap-up

We found a total of $0.27- and a canadian penny- during our mini vacation. One of the pennies is a 1942 wheat so we didn't add it to the totals. The penny along with the canadian coin do not count toward our current total because they have been set aside for resale at a future coin show. We had so much fun despite the rain!! I will post pictures from our finds later on today when I download the files onto this computer.

Shown below: Here is a rare find- a wheat penny outside a RED SOX loving pizzeria in Cape Cod! Good pizza despite their taste for baseball teams hehehe.

Shown Below: Here is a picture of the first two pennies found in Masachusetts- the vehicle behind us got a good chuckle out of us bolting out at the stop light to grab the wayward coins!

Total found: $0.27
Total thus far: $393.14

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