Saturday, December 06, 2008


Despite the economy being in such a state, we managed to find a twenty dollar bill on the ground at a local department store! My youngest is credited for today's find as she pointed out the folded bill and asked if that was 'ping'. I am so very thankful for this rapid upswing in change finds this fiscal year- the bill pushes us up past $40.00- a first in Changepot history :)

Total today: $20.00
Total thus far: $42.82


Mame said...

Changepot!? More like Jackpot! I've been at this since June, 2008 in NYC and I'm up to $16.40. I started it right after I'd found a $20 bill in the rain and a $10 floating on a sidewalk on the Upper East side (so they aren't in my total). Nothing that big since I started the blog but my three year-old kid is now getting the hang of it and coming home with dimes and other coins so maybe we'll break one hundred one day.

my blog is

Since I am always looking for round objects, I am always finding stray buttons so I blog about those too. I also find a hell of a lot of Met pins so I'm collecting them as well, but no blog on that.

Have a ping day!


cmmasse said...

I really like your idea! I saw your article in the Daily News today. You said you didn't know quite what to spend the money on when you reached your goal. I had a suggestion... You mentioned you have two daughters. While parents always think about their children's education, as you probably already have, and probably have already started to plan for, many parents don't think about their daughter's weddings. Your girls are helping you, correct? Why not save the money for their weddings some day?? Just a suggestion! Good luck!

Money Maker said...

Cmmasse- that's a wonderful idea! I think our findings will eventually be put back into the economy though- we just haven't figured out how just yet. My girls are just so excited to see money grow and it gives them satisfaction to put it in the jar at the end of the day.

Mame- I'm so glad to make your acquaintance! Finding money in manhattan is soooo hard- congrats on that!! I'll be looking at your blog until you reach that 100K!