Saturday, January 17, 2009

$0.35 (Hello fifty dollar mark!!)

Today we took a trip around the mall and found a significant amount of change (definitely not do-able in this ourside weather). We found a total of $0.35 in the form of two dimes, a nickel, and ten pennies. The first dime was found right by the elevator in the underground parking area (great start!). Dime #2 was found under a bench in the food court. The lone nickel was spotted under a 'dippin' dots' machine as we rode the descending escalator. Pennies were coming out of the wood work today- which is A-OKAY with us.. .times aren't that hard it seems :)

Today's find bolsters the changepot over the fifty dollar hump- here's to our next challenge- the hundred dollar mark :)

Total today: $0.35
Total thus far: $50.07

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