Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm so happy that people are starting to realize just how much we tend to overlook change on the ground. This blog isn't just about the change I find- it's about how you can change your situation with a little positive thinking and alot of faith. Are you ready to make a change? Leave me a message and tell me how YOU plan on changing today?


(in case link doesn't work)

1. Start picking up change you find on the floor and put it in a jug.
2. Make a budget that takes into account all the habits you have- quit them for a month and add the money into that jug.
3. Think about your future TODAY instead of tomorrow- add a dollar in the jug everytime you say something negative.
4. Be nice to your family. They are the only people you have in the long term like it or not.
5. Recycle cans and bottles at the supermarket. Put that money into the jug.
6. Sell the junk you're stashing in the basement. Take half of your proceeds and put it into the JUG.

Your jug will thank me later.
(Hell.. make your own web blog... I'll read it :)

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