Saturday, January 24, 2009

Social Implications? README

Hubby and I were discussing the recent publicity generated by our family's odd little hobby and look upon it with mixed feelings. A large majority of people feel that picking up change found in the street is a sign of financial hardship, too much spare time, or simply put- a social faux pas.

Is it really a bad thing?

What started more as a social experiment has now become something considerable. Imagine finding a thousand dollars in the street. What would you do with it? Pay a bill? Splurge on something you'd otherwise not buy with your hard earned cash? We here at the changepot have not spent the money we've found nor intend to do so. Our children are very proud of their additions- their found coins in the playgrounds, on the sidewalk, etc. Also, we do not rush to pick up dropped coins nor bowl some old lady over to pick up her freshly dropped dollar. Quite simply- we bend over to pick up coins, bills, and broken gold jewelry already dropped. You'd be surprised how many people walk over money without a forethought. How many times have you walked over a folded dollar bill discarded carelessly in front of automated sliding doors at the supermarket? Last year alone, I found eleven dollars - a ten and a one - just by glancing ahead of me. Coins? They're everywhere. What sets the Changepot, Found Money, and other people who retrieve change aside from the local population? We document our change finds in blogs and share our joys in obtaining it. This is an important time in our lives - a new president ( I can't believe he's got a myspace profile!), a new way of thinking. Pay attention to your surroundings ladies and gentlemen. Perhaps Change is Good after all?



Greg said...

What do you do with the money that you find? If you don't spend it, I assume it must be amassing somewhere hopefully better than a coin jar.

Rich said...

There’s no shame picking up the excess people ignore! There's tons of stuff out there if you keep your eyes open!

Heck, I got lucky back in October and blogged about it myself.

Thirty three bucks and change. I spent it on groceries.

Keep up the good work, I like the blog and now link to it from mine


Anonymous said...

I think news stories and sites like yours will make it more acceptable to just reach down and pick up that penny. I agree that it's mostly viewed as a social faux pas, though. If I had a nickel for every time I changed my mind about picking up a nickel...

Lynda Jao said...

Say it like it is! The world is a new place now. There is no shame in telling someone you got something on sale - you are proud that you got such a bargain! It's a new mentality of modesty that I think is great for our country. Reduce excess and save what you can. You are saving the environment, enjoying time with your family, and saving a few bucks!