Saturday, February 28, 2009


WHAT A DAY!! Today we found a total of five dollars and sixty nine cents in the form of a five dollar bill, a quarter, three dimes, a nickel, and nine pennies. The five dollar bill was found at the father capodanno intersection pictured below :)

Hubby put the four ways on and stepped out to retrieve the bill. The coins were all found while shopping for sneakers at Jersey Gardens mall in New Jersey. This is the second five dollar bill found this year (the first one happened on Lincoln's Birthday). I'm still waiting on the graphics from the previous finds so please bear with me :)

WOW!! We just passed the $70.00 mark! On this date last year (leap year), we were barely at 46 dollars ($46.08 to be exact- to see last year's post, click here-->February 29, 2008) but yet we managed to find a total of $402.72. I am feeling optimistic.. let's see what the future holds

Total today: $5.69
Total thus far: $71.27


Anonymous said...

IT IS INDEED A RED LETTER DAY FOR YOUR FINDING!!! Congrats on the big score.

Anonymous said...

My family and I enjoy reading your blog. We're up to $1.10 this year. We are wondering what makes a good change deposit. Why in some neighborhoods is one more inclined to find change? Is it socioeconomic? Is it where one uses parking meters?, which we do not have. How fun to find dollar bills let alone $5 bills!

The Humphery Family said...

Thank you so much :) It isn't often to find money blowing away on the street so it was indeed a blessed day!

$1.10? That's awesome! I think the median neighborhood income plays a part in the amount of finds nowadays. Our best finds thus far have been in lower income areas despite the social stigma. People drop pennies and do not care to pick them up while in Manhattan you'll find foreign currency much easier than a common nickel. Congrats on the finds thus far and please keep us posted!