Thursday, March 12, 2009

$5.03 (+ 5 !)

Today we found $1.23 in the form of a dollar, two dimes, and three pennies. We cashed in a total of $3.80 in bottles that we collected and had tucked away since the summer during our beautification stint. I can't believe how many bottles we found discarded on the boardwalk- 75 in total! Goodbye balcony clutter!

The +5 by the total amount on the title was today's very first find- a fake nickel!! We've added it to the non-changepot (where we currently keep the foreign coins, broken jewelry, and ripped dollar bills). The dollar we found was pretty dirty (see picture below)- so dirty that we have placed it into a ziploc snack bag and added it into the changepot.

(Gross dollar and fake nickel)

(redeemed bottle money from Operation: South beach Beautification)

Total today: $5.03 Total thus far: $79.69


Adie said...

Toss that nasty dollar in your next load of wash. It'll come out spick and span.

The Humphery Family said...

That's not a bad idea actually! I wonder what would happen if i put a little diluted OxyClean in the bag?

E Mama said...

Never seen a fake nickle before..Is it made of something different?

The Humphery Family said...

The nickel is probably from a toy set- it is the same size as a regular coin but it's made of plastic. The front part of the nickel says "PMG Money" on it. After some minor research on the net, it appears that these coins are used for teaching kids how to count money in the lower grades. Pretty cool though :)