Thursday, April 23, 2009


In the past few days, my family and I have found a total of 14 cents in the form of a dime and four pennies. While the change finds are getting harder because of the recent wave of change collectors that have been hitting the city streets, we remain optimistic especially with the upcoming beautiful weekend weather headed our way.

Total today: $0.14
Total thus far: $90.01

Side note: "The Manhattan Dive"

As previously mentioned, I have been wandering around Manhattan in hopes of finding a job. Today I visited a very reputable Employment Agency which yielded great results. I won't mention their information unless I receive permission from them but if you are in the New York area and would like their info, please contact me through email. Aside from that, I witnessed the most interesting (and quite bold!) coin spectacle as I crossed Lexington Ave. today. This gray suited older man was crossing the street in quite a hurry when he noticed something shiny on the ground. He stopped right in the middle of crossing and picked up the coin despite not having the right of way. He almost met his maker on that one- a yellow taxi almost hit him (by mere inches!!) . The driver popped his head out of the driver side window and flings a heap of curses his way. The man smiled and gestured accordingly- coin in tow. I'm hoping he at least got a quarter out of that one lol. Judging from the likes of his suit, I am baffled by his tenacity.

That is something I would NEVER do. A coin isn't worth risking your life. Seeeriously!

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